Thursday, September 27, 2007

"A Fork in the Road" One of Six Films Nominated for MPI "Best Director" Category

Tentative Screening Order for 2006-07 Student Film Festival based on a 730pm start. Remember the graduation ceremony starts at 630pm promptly.

Forever in Time. director Chuck Grady (29 min) 730pm

A Fork in the Road. director Heidi Philipsen (18 min) 8pm

The Horseman. director. Michael Back (30 min) 820pm

A Very Ordinary Love Story. Director Hyun Suh (11 min) 8:50pm

PSA. director Perri Keys (10 min) 9pm

Schizophrenia. director Sam Kadi (30 min) 910pm

Wierd Side of the Bed. director Dave MClaren (12 min) 940pm

Halloween, Devils Night. director Dallas Struble (8 min) 955pm

My Brother My Savior. director Dean Stallworth (14 min) 10pm

UnThinkable. director Bethany McMahon (13 min) 1015pm

Journal of Nathaniel Jenkins. director Alexa Courtney (12 min) 1030pm

Fanatic. director Sarah Benedict (9 min) 1040pm

Script Ninja. director David Corlett (9 min) 1050pm

Rush Tango director Dee Derusha (35 min) 11pm

Prism director Josette Vardmann (10 min) 1135pm

Fumes. director Robert Tesh (15 min) 1145pm

Beautiful Lucy. director Terenace Centofanti (10 min) 1210am

Room 106. director Kyle Linford (21min.) 1220am

Fate Foresight and Innocence. director (5 min) 1245am

Prologue to Tomorrow. director Adam Haller (10 min) 1250am

The Movie that almost wasn't. director B Daren Payne (12 min) 1am

Aliens Kidnapped the Easter Bunny. director Adam Maslowsky (7 min) 110am

Keep in mind that the opening ceremony could run longer and the screenings may not start until later. But this is a close running order.

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