Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Official Email Address!

We now have a spanking new email address for all correspondence related to our film, A Fork in the Road: Feel free to contact Heidi Philipsen, the Producer/Director with any inquiries regarding Extras Casting for our June 4th final shoot in Ann Arbor at the Northside Grill, interest in sponsoring A Fork in the Road, or information about our premier film showing with post showing gala.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Fork in the Road is seeking Local Extras for final shoot

We're seeking about 15 to 20 extras for our final shooting day, June 4th, to be shot at the hip and happening local favorite diner, THE NORTHSIDE GRILL, in Ann Arbor on Broadway.

All ages, types, walks of life -- if interested, please contact us at:

We'll see you in pictures!

Writer, Producer, Director

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two Shooting Days Down, One to Go...

Wow. No. Really, I mean it. Wow!

We set out to shoot an incredible 6 pages a day and are now more than half-way there. I've looked at the most of the footage with my spectacular cinematographer, Joshua Roth, and Production Manager, Niko Meissner, and we all agree: the HD camera can produce beautiful shots.

Of course, it definitely helps to have things planned out ahead of time -- and for this, I have Doug Schulze to thank for making sure that I produced the storyboards, the creative visualization and a coherent screenplay prior to being "Green Lit."

Believing is what you need to do, doing is what you need to learn, and I feel that with each step I take toward my goal of being a film director, my horizons are opening up beyond my expectations.

More to come...


Friday, May 4, 2007

Welcome to A Fork in the Road Film Blog Site!!

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Producer & Director: Heidi Philipsen
Screenplay by Heidi Philpsen
Cinematographer: Joshua Roth

Virgil Greene ... Grant Krause
Maggie Greene ... Barbara Coven-Ellis
Chris Greene ... Matt Andersen
Sophie Greene ... Shelby Howe

Kathy ... Jill Jack