Thursday, May 10, 2007

Two Shooting Days Down, One to Go...

Wow. No. Really, I mean it. Wow!

We set out to shoot an incredible 6 pages a day and are now more than half-way there. I've looked at the most of the footage with my spectacular cinematographer, Joshua Roth, and Production Manager, Niko Meissner, and we all agree: the HD camera can produce beautiful shots.

Of course, it definitely helps to have things planned out ahead of time -- and for this, I have Doug Schulze to thank for making sure that I produced the storyboards, the creative visualization and a coherent screenplay prior to being "Green Lit."

Believing is what you need to do, doing is what you need to learn, and I feel that with each step I take toward my goal of being a film director, my horizons are opening up beyond my expectations.

More to come...


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